Easy Ways To Make Penetration Testing Stepwise Faster

by Aug 25, 2020OTT0 comments

Let’s start with the few basic things we should know about penetration testing

What is Vulnerability?

Vulnerability is a flaw or loophole in the system which can take the process of the open attack.

Vulnerability Assessment

It is a technique which ensures our system is secure
Vulnerability Assessment is a process of identifying, quantifying and reporting vulnerabilities

What is penetration testing?

It is a process in which pen tester exploit the vulnerability in any system and try to access the system. it includes scanning, exploiting, and report of the vulnerabilities

The major tool that can be used to identify the vulnerabilities is BURP SUITE
We can also download the free edition of Burp suite from the official website of burp suite

Burp Suite: Burp Suite is a java-based application that is used for penetration testing of web applications. It is the most popular tool among professional for penetration testing

There are some Tools which are offered by Burp :

Spider: It is used for crawling the website. The objective of spider is to  get a list of endpoints so that vulnerabilities can be found

Proxy: This tab is used for Intercepting the request of any targeted website

Intruder: It is used for performing different Attacks like Brute force Attacks etc.

Repeater: It is used to repeat the request of any targeted website

Scanner: It is used for scanning the website

NOTE: Installation of Burp Suite will be described in the next blog.